The EXACT system I used to grow my brand online and attract paying clients

...WITHOUT any expensive equipment, a ton of time, a huge budget, or even an email list – just my iPhone & Facebook!


Let’s Go Live is a DIY course teaching you – the influential leaders who are running an online business, looking to grow your brand awareness online, build up your audience quickly, and increase your sales without having to pile on more work – how to come out from  behind the scenes and step in front of the camera so you can go live with a plan!

Don’t worry, I make it easy for you and I will walk you through each step so you can feel more confident being live in front of the camera. 

Let's Go Live is On Sale Now! 

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More Details

If you are an influential leader – an expert in your field – and you are looking for something different, something that can take you outside of your comfort zone even just a little bit so that you can share your gifts with the world and shine a little brighter online then this DIY course if for you!


This is NOT a: 

  • Get rich quick scheme 

  • Go live for 30 day challenge

  • Course with a bunch of “fluff” 


This IS a course that will: 

  • Help you step in front of the camera with more confidence 

  • Teach you how to plan out what you are going to say

  • Give you filming tips so you look your best on-camera

  • Show you exactly how to use the tech in order to go live from your phone

  • Allow you to find your voice online and see what’s truly possible for you and your business when you take a live video approach to online marketing.  


My goal for you, and honestly the biggest reward for me, is seeing you START going live today!


Let’s Go Live Lessons:

1. Mindset & setting the right goals for your LIVE

2. Planning what you will talk about & knowing how you will appear on-camera

3. Going live from your phone and knowing EXACTLY how the tech works 



  1. The LIVE Effect Guide showing you where to repurpose your video content ($197 value)

  2. Feedback on 2 of your live videos ($150 value)

  3. 1-hour brainstorming call with Ed ($250 value)


Normally $597


Small Business Saturday Special ONLY!